The Maldives By Rayyu Maldives Photographer [Source : unsplash]

Maldives Travel Guide With Hotel Recommendations

For many, a trip to the Maldives is high on their wish list. The archipelago of the Indian Ocean is a true tropical paradise with the most perfect beaches. Think chalk-white sand and the most crystal clear water you can imagine.

Read more here in our guide to the Maldives, where we will also present to you eight recommendations of lovely hotels for you to stay at!

On a trip to the Maldives you land at the airport in Male. From here you have to sail or fly to the hotel, and here it is worth paying attention. If you choose to stay on an island that you have to fly to, it is relatively expensive, while a trip to the Maldives will be significantly cheaper if you can take a speedboat.

A seaplane transfer usually costs between 500 and 600 USD, while the price of a speedboat is around 100-150 USD. So there can be a lot to save on your trip to the Maldives if you choose to stay on an island that you can sail to.

Of course it is an experience to take the seaplane, but you have the opportunity to book an excursion with a seaplane when you are on the island.

The Maldives is known for an island, a hotel. It gives a feeling of playing Robinson Crusoe on his own bounty.

Diving and snorkelling are popular with good opportunities to discover e.g. whale sharks and devil rays depending on the season. You can also try water sports or take a boat trip out to the wonderful archipelago.

Most hotels also offer an excursion to the capital Male, located on three small islands. The city is quite compact without the major sights, but here is of course local life and a completely different atmosphere than on the islands.

The Maldives By Rayyu Maldives Photographer [Source : unsplash]
The Maldives By Rayyu Maldives Photographer [Source : unsplash]

Maldives are amazing beaches

If you have been to many places with amazing beaches, you will know that there is not much vacation places that could beat the beauty of Maldives! Here the beaches are simply sublime, and every time we get there we are just amazed at how perfect they are.

It looks exactly like in the pictures. No filters or Photoshop – Maldives beaches are just amazing!

In the Maldives, it is worth paying attention to the restrictive dress code – this also applies to the beaches.

In general wearing bikini in most places here considered is a no-go.


Maafushi is a slightly larger island approx. an hour and a half boat ride from Male. The locals also live here, and the island is a slightly cheaper option if the trip to the Maldives does not have to skip the budget.

The hotels are generally of a lower standard, but absolutely beautiful. You have the opportunity to experience some local life and go out to eat in the city.

Maafushi offers the same excursion options as the private islands. Even though you may not be able to afford a luxurious life, it is still possible to visit the small paradise islands.

You can go on a speedboat trip to one of the lovely islands, where you pay a fee to use the beach.

Alcohol is prohibited on the local islands, but in the afternoon you can sail out to some boats off the coast, where you can enjoy a sunset.

See our choice of favourite hotels in Maafushi further down in our guide to the Maldives.

Maafushivaru Maldives By Mohamed Thasneem [Source : unsplash]
Maafushivaru Maldives By Mohamed Thasneem [Source : unsplash]

Hotels in the Maldives – one island, one hotel

Yes, the Maldives is expensive, but there is no place in the world that is like it. The most expensive is generally to stay on the islands which have only one hotel.

Here are usually 4- and 5-star hotels, where you have the opportunity to choose pension or all-inclusive, as it suits you.

Maybe you wrinkle your nose everywhere included, but we’re talking about high quality food – you can forget all about tacky tourist hotels in southern Europe.

Another thing to consider when choosing an island and hotel is what the holiday should include. Some islands have breakwaters that create the most beautiful shallow lagoons. However, this means that there is no coral reef, so if you like to snorkel directly from the beach, choose an island without a breakwater.

However, several of the hotels we present in our Maldives guide have both lagoons and reefs – perfect if you are both for world-class beaches and the exciting life below sea level.

We start with hotels located on private islands.

Bandos Maldives – with the possibility of everything included

If the trip to the Maldives is a family vacation, we can recommend Bandos Maldives. The hotel has some good bungalows and of course there is both a swimming pool and a children’s pool.

You can choose from several different room types – including pool villas and water villas. The rooms have tv and free wifi.

Bandos Maldives is located on one of the islands that has a reef off the coast. It gets deep relatively quickly, but in return you can snorkel on the reef.

Around the island there are inviting lagoons, and there are many shady bushes and trees.

The hotel has several restaurants. You can also choose all inclusive, where the buffet has a large selection – even for the little ones.

Paradise Island Resort & Spa – water villas at a great price

Welcome to paradise. Here you will find the most beautiful beaches with chalk-white sand. Although the hotel has almost 300 rooms, you can easily find deserted beach areas, where you are the only ones leaving traces in the sand.

Paradise Island Resort has six different room types and it is one of the cheapest places to stay in a water villa.

In the rooms there are TV, kettle, and free wifi. Some rooms also have a spa bath and a private pool.

The hotel offers a wide range of facilities such as children’s pool, swimming pool, and five restaurants.

Paradise Island Resort is located on an island with breakwaters – it provides delicious shallow lagoons – pure bounty!

Fihalhohi Island Resort – one of the writer’s favourites in the Maldives

Fihalhohi Island Resort has both bungalows and water villas.

It is a place where you get a lot for your money, and we especially think it is a good place for families with children, as there is the possibility of extra beds in most rooms.

There is no swimming pool here, but instead a beach where there is both a lagoon and a reef off the coast.

Please note that the bungalows on the island itself are not located by the beach, but from all rooms just a stone’s throw to the turquoise sea.

Olhuveli Island Maldives By Jennvmy_ [Source : unsplash]
Olhuveli Island Maldives By Jennvmy_ [Source : unsplash]

Sun Siyam Olhuveli – both lagoon and house reef

Olhuveli is a lovely 4 star hotel located on a relatively large island.

Here you will find many facilities such as fitness, tennis and several swimming pools including children’s pool. At Olhuveli there is also both a lagoon with the clearest turquoise blue water and a house fox with the opportunity to snorkel.

The hotel operates exclusively all inclusive, but the food is good and you generally get a lot for your money.

Olhuveli is a cool place with high service – the cheapest rooms are located inside the island, but you also have the opportunity to stay by the beach or in water villas.

Holiday Inn Kandooma – family friendly with stylish design

Holiday Inn Kandooma is perfect for a family vacation in the Maldives. There are many activities here, and the children have both a playground, a kids club and a small water park.

For the adults, they have facilities to exercise, running routes and many opportunities for water sports. The hotel also has a swimming pool and several restaurants.

You can choose from many different room types – from standard rooms to water villas. There are also family rooms.

The Holiday Inn is not one of the cheapest hotels in the Maldives, but it is a guarantee of many activities and fun times with the family.

Hotels in Maldives – Maafushi

It was an island, a hotel. Now to Maafushi, which as mentioned is a larger island where the locals also live. A cheaper alternative with several really good hotels. Here are our favourites:

Arena Beach Hotel – absolute favourite at Maafushi

Definitely favourite hotel at Maafushi. Here you stay directly on the beach. Arena Beach Hotel has 102 rooms and you have the opportunity to get a beautiful sea view.

All rooms have TV, kettle, safe, free wifi and top quality bed linen. The staff is sweet and happy to arrange excursions for you.

The beach in front of the hotel is private, where you can relax on the sun loungers and enjoy a refreshment at the beach bar.

Kaani Beach Resort – Beachfront

It is only 50 meters to the beach from the small Kaani Beach Resort, which has only 18 rooms, all of which have a TV and free wifi. You also have the opportunity to get a sea view.

The hotel offers a lounge, a restaurant, a rooftop terrace, and complimentary bicycles. Kaani Beach Resort is a small cozy hotel which is a very good place to stay at Maafushi.

Kaani Village & Spa – smaller hotel at Maafushi

Kaani Village & Spa has the same owner as Kaani Beach Resort. It is only 150 meters from the beach, but the hotel also has a small swimming pool.

In the rooms you will find TV, fridge, kettle and free wifi. Kaani Village & Spa also offers sauna, lounge, and restaurant.


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