Acapulco Packages All Inclusive

With its fantastic tourist attractions, great beaches, and exciting club scene, Acapulco packages are a guaranteed winner.

This is the resort that doesn’t sleep and caters for the worlds most beautiful people. Located just 200 miles south-west of Mexico City (using the modern four lane highway from Mexico City to Acapulco the journey takes just over 3 hours), this popular all inclusive tourist resort has a deep bay ( the world famous Acapulco Bay) which is perfect for cruise liners sailing between Panama and San Francisco.

This bay is lined with beautiful beaches to the south and is framed by the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains to the north and east.

During your Acapulco all inclusive trip you will be spoiled for choice in terms of attractions and activities, choose from watching the amazing and graceful claudivistas; snorkeling over historical Mayan ruins and coral reefs; checking out the world-famous cliff divers at “La Quebrada”; relaxing on the beautiful beaches;

experience the thrill of catching fish in the Pacific Ocean on a luxury fishing Yacht.

Acapulco offers many beautiful beaches and a pleasant, sunny climate (the weather is similar to Southern California).

Acapulco is also a city filled with culture and history which will surely make your Mexico holiday an unforgettable experience.

The nearest airport (Alvarez International Airport – ACA) is well served by both domestic and international flights and the transfer time from airport to tourist districts in Acapulco is only around 30 minutes.

You will find that prices are much cheaper than the USA (which is one of the reasons so many Americans retire in Mexico!)

An all inclusive Acapulco holiday package is a perfect choice for couples, singles and even families with children, as all meals and even a variety of resort activities are included in the price. This makes it easier to budget for your trip, especially if you have children (the cost of all those chilled soft drinks, ice creams, and activities can really add up on a conventional package, but on in an all inclusive holiday package its all paid for before you even leave home!) it is important to note however that nannies or childminders costs are not included in most Acapulco packages and although the majority of the all inclusive resorts operate kids clubs with lots of complimentary activities to keep the little ones amused – and give you a break – the minimum age for these clubs is generally 4 years old.

Generally water sports involving equipment such as snorkeling, scuba diving, skiing, boating, and fishing, will also incur additional charges at most all inclusive resorts in Acapulco so don’t be fooled into thinking everything is free just because it says all inclusive! Carefully check all the small print on your package before paying a deposit to ensure all the facilities you require are indeed included, or, if not find out exactly what the additional costs will be in advance.

Many take advantage of the low prices, great activities and balmy weather and book an Acapulco honeymoon package. Acapulco offers some of the best honeymoon packages to be found on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts and it makes a perfect wedding location. It’s no surprise to find that many of the worlds jet-setting celebs have made Acapulco their honeymoon or wedding destination, for example Bill and Hillary Clinton, John and Jackie Kennedy and Liz Taylor and Michael Todd to name just a few!

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