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Boston Vacation: The Complete Travel Guide

We’ve compiled a list of exciting and interesting things to do and see in Boston, Massachusetts.

Boston is a city with plenty of things to do and see. Whether you’re looking for culture, historical sites, outdoor adventures, or learning about its unique neighbourhoods, we have you covered. It is a collection of popular attractions, tips on where to eat, and even how to get to Boston.

History Of Boston

Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts, United States. It is located in Suffolk County on Boston Harbour, which leads to the Atlantic Ocean.

It was founded in 1630 by Puritan colonists from England. The original name of the town was Boston after its first governor John Winthrop, who founded it in 1630.

Boston became one of America’s most important cities during the 1800s due to its textile industry and strong economic base. It became a centre for abolitionism beginning in 1814 when William Lloyd Garrison began publishing his anti-slavery newspaper The Liberator here.

Boston became an independent city in 1822 and has remained independent ever since with minimal involvement from any state government other than Massachusetts. Boston has a small population of about 635 thousand people.

How to Get to Boston?

Every year, millions of people plan their vacation to Boston Massachusetts. The city is also a popular destination for business travellers. For both types of travellers, it’s an exciting place that offers many things to do and see.

Boston is roughly 17 miles south-southwest of the city centre of Worcester, which is roughly an hour’s drive from downtown Boston. The only direct route to the north or south are two Interstate highways-Interstate I-290/I-95. Otherwise, the best way to get there is by car or bus from Worcester or Providence, Rhode Island.

If you are driving from outside of the state, you will need a Massachusetts license plate number for your car in order to enter the state at any highway exit without paying a toll road fee.

Accommodation Choices in Boston

Most Boston accommodations are found in the downtown area. These include hotels, hostels, and B&Bs. In addition to being close to Boston attractions, these accommodations are also close to transportation hubs such as the T and Haymarket.

Boston’s B&Bs offer a range of amenities that other accommodations can’t match. They provide a warm atmosphere with a personal touch that you won’t find at a hotel or hostel.


The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts has been in operation since 1931. The hotel is located near the Boston Common, close to many of the city’s major attractions including Fenway Park and Copley Square. It is also close to the financial district of downtown Boston, making it an easy commute for corporate guests. The hotel offers a variety of amenities including two restaurants, two lounges, and all complimentary perks like Wi-Fi and high-speed internet access. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Boston offers some reasons why it is considered one of America’s most luxurious hotels.

Four Seasons

It is a 5 star hotel located in the heart of downtown Boston. It has received many awards and is listed as one of the top hotels in North America. The hotel has a total of 230 guest rooms, including 88 suites.

Sheraton Boston

The hotel stands as a prime example of how important it is to have a strategic hotel brand. Located near the centre of Boston, this hotel has all the amenities that guests are looking for. The Sheraton Boston Hotel offers services that are both exceptional and practical. The hotel’s location has allowed it to be close to many of the city’s most visited attractions.

Hilton Boston Back Bay

It is a luxury hotel in the Back Bay section of Boston, Massachusetts. The hotel is the first Hilton property in the USA to be opened on Boylston Street.

It is also known as The Strand, which is an upscale hotel in the heart of the city’s historic theatre district. Its elegant rooms are decorated with period furniture and fireplaces.

Hilton Boston Logan Airport

The Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel is a hotel located in Boston, Massachusetts. It is the largest airport hotel in the New England area. It has eight floors which include 400 guest rooms, an executive ballroom, and a fitness centre. The hotel has enjoyed huge popularity for its proximity to Logan International Airport and its proximity to other tourist attractions such as Fenway Park and Fenway’s Ale House.

The hotel is located just outside of Boston. With spectacular views of the city and the Charles River, this hotel offers comfortable rooms and a variety of amenities to serve all guests, from business travellers to families.

Boston Marriott Copley Place

The Boston Marriott Copley Place Hotel is a luxury hotel in the historic Back Bay of Boston. This hotel offers a number of amenities to make your stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. It is located right in the heart of the city’s business district. It is one of the few hotels in Boston that has a convention centre. The hotel offers guests superb amenities, including a fitness centre, outdoor pool, and spa.

Copley Plaza

The Copley Plaza Hotel is a luxury hotel located in the historic Back Bay area of Boston. It is around 185 feet high and the building is made of stone, brick, and marble. There are 1,700 rooms in this five-star hotel, which is based in Boston’s Copley Square. The building was originally built in 1913 by Boston’s most famous architect, H.H. Richardson.

Tips for Finding Affordable Accommodations in Boston

Boston is a popular travel destination for both Americans and international tourists. With its beautiful historical sites, wide variety of restaurants, and nightlife scene it’s no wonder that this is one of the most visited cities in the US. There are many affordable accommodation options to choose from as well as plenty of tourist attractions that are worth exploring.

A budget accommodation in Boston is a short-term, low-cost hotel or hostel that usually charges less than $40 per night. Hostel accommodations in Boston are usually between $20-$30 per night. Airbnb accommodations in Boston range from $50-$200 per night.

Boston Seaport By Jimmy Woo
Boston Seaport By Jimmy Woo

Things To Do When Visiting Boston

Boston is a city that has so much to offer. There are so many things to do when visiting Boston, you have to make sure to see them all!

These are some of the best things you should do when visiting Boston.

  • Walk around Chinatown – The food, markets, and street life in Chinatown are excellent places for seeing what the people of Boston were like before they found their new home in America.
  • Visit Beacon Hill Park – Beacon Hill Park is one of the most popular parks in Boston because it provides views of both downtown and the Charles River. It gives visitors a chance to enjoy nature while seeing history up close.
  • See Paul Revere’s House Boston – Paul Revere’s house is a private home in Boston, Massachusetts that was purchased by his heirs in 1847. The original structure was built with a mix of Georgian and Federal style architecture. In the late 1800s, the Revere family had their own style of Colonial Revival architecture added on to their home.
  • Hit the Freedom Trail Boston – It is an iconic part of Boston that some people might not know about. This trail follows the path of American Revolutionaries who fought for the cause of freedom in the city. It’s approximately 2 miles long and it can be walked, biked, or driven along.
  • Walk through the Public Garden and take in the beauty of it all (but not too close to any flowers).
  • Get lost at Faneuil Hall Marketplace and visit Quincy Market’s Food Hall for classic New England eats.
  • Walk around Fenway Park, home of baseball’s Red Sox.
  • Take a boat tour of Boston Harbour, as it provides a great contrast between skyscrapers and water views.

When is Best Time For a Vacation in Boston

Boston is a city that offers a lot to see and do. You can spend your days sightseeing, relaxing, or doing things that you don’t always have time to enjoy.

According to the Boston Globe, the best time for a vacation in Boston is from May until October because of its mild weather during those months. However, if you want to avoid the crowded weekends and warm weather during summer, June or September are ideal times to go on vacation in Boston.

If you are planning to take a vacation in your Boston area, you should know what time period is best for it. If you want to take a leisurely vacation, during the weekdays will be the best time. However, if you just want to relax and unwind, weekends will be the best time because there will be less people and more to do.

Having Fun Exploring The City of Boston

Boston is a city with a lot of history, culture, and many things to do. For those who are just getting started, the question they ask is what are some good things to do in Boston?

The short answer is that there are so many things to do in Boston that it is impossible to list them all. However, here are some ideas for people who enjoy exploring different parts of the city:

  • Check out historical attractions like Beacon Hill.
  • Make sure you visit the Fens which have beautiful scenery and are close by Fenway Park.
  • Go on a nature walk around Franklin Park which has plenty of trees and greenery.

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