Catemaco Veracruz Jungle []

Catemaco Veracruz – Mexican Beauty Yet To Be Discovered

Mexico: The Island Beauty Yet To Be Discovered

Too often the travel site description of a particular destination that includes terms like ‘unspoiled’ turn out to be long outdated and/or wishful thinking. However if high-rise hotels and concrete are not part of your holiday agenda. But mountains, waterfalls, a semi-tropical climate and a remote freshwater lake sound more appealing to you; you should consider a holiday at Mexico’s Lake Catemaco.

Exploring the Sites

About twelve miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico, the lake is surrounded by volcanic slopes, with a few of the old peaks rising as islands in the lake. It is fed by mountain streams with lots of waterfalls; the largest, Salto de Eyipantla (about 15 km from Catemaco) is featured in quite a few jungle movies including Mel Gibson’s ‘Apocalypto’, but that’s the exception, not the rule.

Catemaco Mexico []
Catemaco Mexico []
The locals have an admirable commitment to preservation of natural resources and environment; almost all of the tourist attractions are ecological and educational preserves. Their great love for the environment has brought them countless benefits. It has attracted more tourists to come and it opened to the doors for more tourism business opportunities to the locals.

Most of the visitor accommodations are situated along the Malecon next to the lake, and they range from very rustic inns to a handful of luxury hotels, with prices to match different budgets. The experience to live by the magnificent lake even for a day or two would definitely be priceless. There is no price tag that could really match waking up to the fresh feeling of the lake air.

Looking for adventure? Mexico is definitely the place to be; for the adventurous little you, the best way to see and enjoy the area is by walking, trekking or perhaps on horseback. The Los Tuxtlas region that lies adjacent to Catemaco, and the Gulf of Mexico to the east are havens of seldom visited beaches, limpid pools and countless species of birds and butterflies. If you’re lucky, you might even enjoy these sites alone as there’s no crowd to deal with at all.

Traditions and Customs to Discover

As a venture into local customs, you may want to try a mud bath called Temazcal(i), in which your whole body is covered with mud from the mangrove swamps. Once it dries you can go for a steamy bath in a primitive sauna to the sound of chants, singing and silence for meditation, then you wash off in the lake. Apart from learning more about what it means for them, the experience will open your eyes to new ways of appreciating the Mexican culture and traditions.

Mexico is a country that thrives in its innate culture and traditions. It is one of the countries in Latin America that gets the highest rate of tourism every year and for very good reasons. Mexico offers a wide variety of opportunities to explore the nature, historical landmarks as well as the great time at the beach and coastlines that it has. If you want to be convinced why Mexico is a must go to destination when you get the chance to, here are a couple of reasons why.

Catemaco Veracruz Jungle []
Catemaco Veracruz Jungle []
Top Five Reasons to Visit Mexico

  • Inexpensive– When you speak of holidays and trips to another country, you always consider the expenses that it might cover, but not when you are going to Mexico. Airline companies offer the best discounted and economically-friendly rates. They’re usually more affordable when you plan to travel outside of the usual vacation dates. Even the exchange rate is awesome and there’s always an opportunity to haggle with sellers and is something to look forward to.
  • Cuisine – What is great about the Mexican cuisine is that its offers great variety from one area of the country to another. Their dishes are greatly influenced by the Mayan and Aztec cuisine. While the most popular of these dishes like tamales, quesadillas and tacos are served in various restaurants all over the world, nothing beats what the authentic chefs of Mexico has to offer. Their rich culture and traditions has more dishes to offer that you haven’t tried anywhere else in the world.
  • Holiday Packages – How could you say no to vacation packages to Mexico that speak of affordability and beauty? You can sign up for a historical trip to Mexico City or maybe even for an exciting trip to Acapulco to discover all its wonderful diving spots. There is always a holiday package that fits your budget, your personality and what it is that you desire.
  • Easy Communication – What most tourists complain about is how they would be able to communicate with the locals of the area, but not when you are visiting Mexico. Although most of the citizens speak Spanish, they can speak English too, at varying degrees. For directions and for other forms of help you might need, all you need is to stop and ask a local. They are known for being friendly, too. Their knowledge of English can make it easier for you to haggle in the market as well.
  • Weather – There is probably not many other parts of the world where you can travel and fall in love with the beautiful weather everyday than when you visit Mexico. It has the perfect weather every time. Its weather is always ideal for whatever outdoor activity you choose. Whether it is out hiking in the hills of Mexico or a tour around the ruins ancient Mayan culture, the weather in the country is always friendly.

Bright colors, delicious foods and inexpensive rates are indeed three of the top reasons why Mexico made it to the list of the places you visit in your lifetime. Be sure to take in the untouched beauty of Lake Catemaco before moving on to Mexico’s countless other destinations. Discover the rich culture and enjoy their traditions and you might just as well fall in love with Mexico just like everybody else.

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