Mexico City

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Mexico is a unique vacation destination, for example Mexico is a place where even the day of the dead celebration is a riot! That simple fact probably sums up the culture in Mexico for you! Mexico has to be one of the most vibrant and lively places on Earth. Even the scenery is breathtaking with snow capped volcanoes, desert landscapes and ancient Mayan ruins. The old colonial towns in Mexico give the country a look that somehow manages to be traditional and modern at the same time.

The beaches and unique flora and fauna of Mexico have made it a paradise for beach bums and Eco-tourists alike. This land of romance has been a favorite amongst honeymooners for many years and the wedding planning industry is thriving in Mexico due to its sensuous beauty. The more adventurous can go hiking in the huge untamed jungles, find deserted lonely beaches, and discover ancient Mayan ruins!

Where ever you go and whatever you do, Mexico is above all a land of fun. Many of the fun activities center around the sea (no doubt due to the year round sunny climate and the crystal clear waters) how about snorkeling with sea lions or swimming with dolphins! Mexico has everything to thrill the water sports enthusiasts.

You can immerse yourself in the Mexican culture, learn Spanish, vegetate by the pool, or visit the lively bars and experience the exotic night-life of Mexico – the choices are endless. If you can, try and include a visit to the the Copper Canyon in your vacation package, this is a natural wonder of the world, much deeper and larger than even the Grand Canyon!

Mexico City is the capital and the political nerve center of Mexico. On the surface it’s all glamor and excitement but underneath Mexico City suffers from many problems and disease. Despite that no vacation in Mexico would be complete without visit to this city.

If you are the sort of person who enjoys learning about other cultures, then a visit to Guadalajara is a must. Peppered with museums and galleries, this is the mother lode of Mexican culture. Another trip definitely worth taking is a day trip to Isla Cozumel, this is possibly the best place for diving in Mexico.

Of course you cant really talk about Mexico vacations without mentioning Acapulco, although heavily urbanized with tourist resort developments, it should not be overlooked. Acapulco did not become one of the worlds busiest vacation destinations for nothing! With beautiful lagoons and the golden beaches, hectic nightlife and the famous cliff divers it still has much to offer. OK, the Hollywood crowd might not visit any more as they have found new pastures, Acapulco still has an innate charm.

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