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Travel Guide : Ubud – The Heart Of Bali, Indonesia

Ubud – Bali: A detailed travel guide complete with hotel recommendations

Ubud is one of the most popular holiday area in Bali, Indonesia. It is located in the middle of the beautiful nature with rice fields on all sides, which is fantastic reason to visit the city, but Ubud is also one of Bali’s cultural center.

A creative place where artists gather, but also a place where writers and designers find their way to the city. So do all the health freaks – if you are into yoga or alternative therapy, you will love Ubud.

In this travel guide to Ubud you can learn more about the area and get recommendations for activities, excursions and hotels that the writer have personally stayed at.

Ubud – you can expect it

Ubud is located approximately in the middle of the island approx. an hour and a half from the airport. There is no beach here, but the city offers something a little different than the more popular holiday towns such as. Kuta and Sanur.

This is where you can see the world-famous rice terraces and the extremely lush landscape, where you can go cycling or hiking and experience some of Indonesia’s most beautiful scenery.

Ubud is also cozy cafes and good restaurants – this is probably where you have the largest selection of eateries in Bali.

Sights and experiences in Ubud

In Ubud, it is always an experience to visit the many art galleries, where you can often see the works being created. You can have a chat with the artist yourself or maybe take a course.

As mentioned, a trip to nature is almost mandatory – you can even walk along the so-called Campuan Ridge – a lush hill in the countryside that takes you past galleries and local houses.

On a bike ride you experience even more. Along Bali’s small roads are smaller villages, screaming green rice fields and beautiful temples. If you are lucky, you may come across one of the many colorful ceremonies.

In Ubud you should also visit the Monkey Forest, which as the name suggests is a forest of monkeys. You can not avoid seeing them – they are more or less used to humans, but beware of loose objects and do not provoke them. The monkeys live in a beautiful forest area where paths have been made. There are also a number of temples.

Some Activities You Can Do In Ubud

  • Attend yoga classes
  • Try cooking classes

Near Ubud there are several good sights. First of all you have to experience Tegalalang Rice Terraces which are just small beautiful.

Goa Gajah is a small temple area best known for the Elephant Cave, which contains a small figure of the Hindu god Ganesh from the 1000s.

More interesting is Tirta Empul – the sacred springs where there is plenty of life. Here you can see the Balinese sacrifice and swim in the springs – a really good experience.

There are also rafting trips near or near Ubud. Mount Batur, one of Bali’s volcanoes, is also nearby; here you have the opportunity to get up early and climb the mountain where there is the most beautiful sunrise over Bali.

Hotels in Ubud – our recommendations

Hotels in Ubud are almost an attraction in themselves. Many of them are built in classic Balinese style, and as a bonus, a large part of them are located in or by the beautiful nature.

In Bali, the hotel standard is generally high and the price level low. It is a place where you get a lot for your money, and even a medium sized hotel is usually lovely with top service and good facilities.

The hotels we recommend below, we have visited ourselves. We also use several of them when we travel to our customers. See more here if you also want a free and non-binding travel proposal to Bali.

And so let’s get started with our guide to good hotels in Ubud. We start with a hotel that is in classic Ubud style.

Beji Ubud Resort – 5 pools with epic green views

Beji Ubud Resort is an excellent hotel in Ubud where you can get the classic views of the lush nature.

The hotel has been around for a few years and is a bit worn here and there, but in our eyes it is easily offset by the unique location.

Here are only 30 rooms located around some small gardens. In the rooms you will find i.a. TV, minibar, safe, free wifi and tea and coffee making facilities. Beji Ubud Resort also has family rooms.

Despite its relatively modest size, the hotel has five swimming pools spread over different areas and levels. A slightly untraditional hotel that also offers transport in the local area.

Beji Ubud Resort is a very popular hotel in Ubud, so it is important to book as early as possible, otherwise you run the risk of being sold out.

Ubud Raya Hotel – good, cheap hotel perfect for families

Here the family can stay overnight at a really good price. Ubud Raya Hotel is located a bit outside the city, but it is easy to take a taxi into the city center – the hotel is happy to take care of it.

There are many family rooms here, and some of them have direct access to the pool. All rooms have i.a. TV, safe, free wifi and tea and coffee making facilities.

In addition to a swimming pool, Ubud Raya Hotel provides facilities such as a spa, bar, restaurant and bicycle rental.

All in all, a very good hotel for the price. Ubud Raya Hotel also generally gets good reviews from previous guests.

Sri Ratih – Family-friendly Hotel in Ubud

A very comfortable hotel in Ubud, where you immediately feel at home on arrival. The hotel and the area feel like a small oasis that has a good pool area with green surroundings.

Sri Ratih is located inside the city of Ubud itself and is thus within walking distance of the many cultural offerings, restaurants and cafes found in the city.

There is also a restaurant and bar at Sri Ratih, which serves good food – e.g. the breakfast is not buffet but à la carte.

The rooms have a lot to do with coziness, and if you are traveling to Bali with children, then this hotel is a good choice. Here you can book a family suite, where there is room for two extra beds for the little ones.

It is not this classic “view of the rice fields”, as the hotel is located inside the city, so you have to relate to yourself if it is an important thing on the trip to Ubud.

All in all, it is an excellent hotel in Ubud that is reasonably priced and at the same time a really good choice for families with children.

Puri Gangga Resort – great hotel for couples

A really, really nice hotel with a super cool view of the rice fields from the pool area. It is difficult to encapsulate the atmosphere of the hotel in just a single image, so we recommend that you just click in and see more images on the link below.

For Puri Gangga Resort is really a good hotel in Bali. Traveleast’s sender was very pleasantly surprised by the hotel and especially the price in terms of what you get for your money.

The pool area is very nice and the whole hotel is kept in the classic Balinese building style, which we have mentioned a few times in the travel guide here. It is a very charming hotel that can be highly recommended.

Especially Puri Gangga Resort will be perfect for your honeymoon or romantic couple trip to Bali. The hotel is a bit more expensive, but you also get significantly more for your money.

We are not the only ones who like Puri Gangga Resort – the hotel currently has a satisfaction score of 9.4 out of 10, which is very unusual.

There are only 20 rooms in this good hotel, so it is important to book accommodation well in advance of your trip to Ubud. If it has to be extra luxurious, it is also possible to book a villa with private pool.

Sankara – private pool villa in Ubud

Another great hotel that is perfect for you who are traveling to Bali on your honeymoon or with your girlfriend. It is not a hotel we basically recommend for families – there we have other good offers in the travel guide here.

Sankara Ubud has a fantastic pool area in green surroundings. A very nice hotel that also has good rooms. It is possible to book villas with a private pool – regardless of room type you get TV, fridge, safe, kettle and free wifi.

In addition to a swimming pool, Sankara Ubud features facilities such as a spa, bar and restaurant. A really recommended hotel that gets good reviews from previous guests.

If none of the mentioned hotels in Ubud fell in love or they are sold out during the travel period, we can also easily recommend the following hotels:

  • Wana Resort (9.2 out of 10)
  • Junjungan (9.6 out of 10)
  • Mathis Retreat (9.4 out of 10)

Otherwise, we just want to wish you a really good trip to Ubud. We also advice you to first check with your country’s Foreign Ministry’s travel instructions before your travel.



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