Wonderful Qatar’s Museum Of Islamic Art

Have you heard about one of the most gorgeous museum in Qatar? Well, it actually has been known all over the world as a wonderful architectural gem. The name is Museum of Islamic Art (MIA), which is known as a great and popular Islamic museum in the world. The great and best of architectural of this museum makes people attracted to visit this museum. The visitors are various, which means visitors come from several different countries in the world. This museum firstly opened in 2008, which have reached the visitors up to millions people in the 2013.

Well, when you are looking inside of the building, certainly you will be really amazed for its wonderful architectural which had been designed by Pritzker Prize architect. The interior is really outstanding with perfect services, facility, great designs that makes this museum comes in the unique sight that people are curious to know this museum. Great masterpieces of Islamic art make every onlooker impressed to this museum. All the collections such as metalwork, ceramics, woodwork, glass, textiles, jewelry and many others are completing this museum perfectly.

What are the best services and facility in the Islamic Art Museum? It’s easy; Islamic Art Museum always serves you for the best services with kinds of people there. The reception and information always guide you whenever you get confused or want to know further information; it is located on the left of main entrance. In addition, you will also find a museum café, it aims at making the visitors enjoying the gourmet food, or take a little rest with looking at amazing views, moreover it comes for free wireless internet as well. Isn’t interesting?

In addition, Islamic Art Museum serves you a great range of souvenirs shops. Here you would find your best souvenir for a gift. Well, it’s only a few services that are appeared for you. However, no one could deny about this great museum, because most people are interested to go there and want to know the amazing side of this Islamic museum.

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha – Qatar | Photo Credit : asfqatar.com


Now, it’s the important question. How to get there? Well, as you may already know, Museum of Islamic Art is located in Qatar. Specifically, the museum is located in the Corniche which is located around the bay. If you have arrived to the Doha International airport, it takes about 15 minutes from the airport to the museum.

To get the easy way, you should find the taxi or car in order to take you there in a few minutes. It is pretty easy, right? Well, it’s an easy guide to get there because the museum is not difficult to find.

Museum of Islamic Art becomes really popular for one of the best tourism destinations in Qatar. Many visitors come in various countries which purpose to know the gorgeous building of this museum both interior and exterior. In addition, great services and facilities are really interesting which make people curious to get there.

Well, get your great holiday to come to this gorgeous place of Islamic Art Museum.

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