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11 Famous Destination Spots in Rome Italy

Favorite attractions in Rome very much, you can take a vacation by visiting famous tourist sites in Rome. The following is a list of famous tourist attractions in Rome that you must visit when on vacation to Europe, especially the country of Italy.

Here are some of the most famous destination spots in Rome Italy :

1. Colosseum

The Colosseum is a relic of a historic place in the form of a gladiatorial arena. This arena is elliptical and was built by Vespasian. One of the best tourist attractions in Rome began to be built in 72 AD and finished in 80 AD In the past, this place was used as a place to fight gladiators with wild animals or with inmates.

Colosseum Rome
Colosseum Rome (Source :

According to Dio Cassius (historian), said that there were around 9000 wild animals that had been killed during the opening and inauguration day of the Colosseum. Now, local residents change the color of the Colosseum at night from white to gold by using candle lighting and neon lights. So it’s not surprising at night the sights of this tourist spot are increasingly amazing.

2. Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is a very beautiful fountain designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi. However, this fountain has been completed by Pietro Bracci. This amazing fountain has a height of 26.3 meters and a width of 49.15 meters which was built in 1762. There is a myth about tossing coins in this fountain. It is estimated that every day, as much as 3000 euros of money thrown into this attraction.

3. Pantheon

The Pantheon is a temple building and was constructed in 27 BC. You can take a vacation to this beautiful temple which was completed during the reign of Emperor Hadrian in 126 AD. In 609 to 1885 this temple was made a church. Pantheon structure consists of several main buildings namely Portico (front porch), Rotunda (round building), and the dome. In addition, the Pantheon is equipped with a water park and a very special bathing place.

4. Roman Forum

Roman Forum is a square forum surrounded by ruins of ancient buildings in the center of Rome. This favorite attraction is between the Colosseum and Piazza del Campidoglio. Roman Forum is open daily from 8:30 am to one hour before sunset, except December 25 and January 1. For centuries this forum has been used for various activities such as trade, criminal courts, public speeches, and others. You can enjoy various kinds of buildings such as the Arch of Titus, Via Sacra, the Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine, The Curia, and others.

5. Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museum is a famous museum in Rome. As we say, the Vatican is a small country in Rome. The Vatican Museum was built by Pope Julius II during the 6th century, as a home to thousands of works of art. The works at the Vatican Museum are very numerous and are divided into several interior parts such as the Pio-Clementino Museum, Apartment of Pius V, the Gallery of Maps, Pinacoteca, and many more.

6. Sistine Chapel

Sitine chapel is a tourist attraction with a very valuable price and the largest in the Vatican, Rome, Italy. This place also became a Temple when the Pope was crowned. The construction of the Sistine Chapel was carried out between 1473 and 1481 during the reign of Pope Sixtus IV. The architect responsible for making this famous building is Giovanni of Dolci.

The tourists can not only see the architecture of the Sistine Chapel building. However, the other center of attention is the painting that cover the ceiling and walls. Some famous artists who contributed to the Chapel include Botticelli, Michaelangelo, Luca, Perugino. Are you interested in a vacation to one of the famous tourist attractions in Rome?

7. Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is a famous square in Rome and was built on the site of the Domitian Stadium. The best and most beautiful part of this Piazza Navona are the three fountains designed during the papacy of Gregory XIII. The fountains include Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, Fontana del Moro, and Fontana del Nettuno.

8. Spanish Steps

The Spanish steps, built in 1723-1725, were designed by famous architecture Francesco de Sanctis and financed by the French diplomat, Étienne Gueffier’s. Spanish steps has a unique and beautiful design that makes it a favorite tourist spot for artists, painters and poets who want to take a vacation to this place.

Spanish Steps Rome
Spanish Steps Rome (Source :

9. Palatine Hill (Palatine Hill)

Palatine Hill is located 40 meters above the Roman Forum. This hill is the center of seven hills in Rome and one of the oldest parts of the city. This extraordinary hill is considered the birthplace of the capital of Italy and is believed to have been inhabited since 1000 BC. On this Palantine Hill, tourists can enjoy and see hundreds of ruins of magnificent buildings created by Roman society in ancient times.

The Palatine Hill Rome
The Palatine Hill Rome (Source :

Apart from that, you can also walk to enjoy the best views of the Roman Forum from above. In this place there are buildings such as the Palantine Museum, Farnese Park, and many more. No wonder this hill has become one of the famous tourist attractions in Rome that you must visit.

10. Villa Borghese Gardens

Villa Borghese is a landscape garden in the natural English style of Rome. This tourist destination contains a number of cool buildings, museums and shows. One of the largest parks in Europe was opened to the public on July 12, 1903. Villa Borghese is home to impressive architecture, sculptures, monuments and fountains created by famous artists. These popular attractions include the Borghese Gallery, the Rome Zoo, Pincio’s Water Clock and the Silvano Toti Globe Theater. This place is very interesting for a vacation together with children and families to just look for relaxation. In addition, in this place visitors can rent skates and bicycles to just play in this tourist spot.

11. St. Peter’s Square (Piazza San Pietro)

Peter’s Square is an open-air gathering place for Catholics. Piazza San Pietro becomes a place with very beautiful religious architecture, especially at sunrise. Piazza San Pietro is the work of Gian Lorenzo Bernini. In addition, one of the famous tourist attractions in Rome is never empty of visitors. The size of this place has a length of 320 meters and a width of 240 meters, so it is not surprising when there are events this place can accommodate more than 300,000 people.

In addition, you will see an obelisk in the middle of this Piazza San Pietro and two amazing fountains. This extraordinary obelisk has a 25 meter high building, it’s no wonder that Piazza San Pietro is a favorite destination and famous tourist spot in Rome that must be visited.

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