Cliff Of Moher, Ireland By Federico Beccari [Source : unsplash]

15 Tour Recommendations In Ireland

Full of stunning historical sites, wild and stunning scenery and friendly and welcoming people, Ireland is an absolute delight to visit and visitors will inevitably get away with being infected by the country. A magical place dripping with history, the wonderful cities are home to castles, cathedrals, monasteries and more, and walking around the ancient streets is a magical experience.

With so much to offer, you get your work cut and try to visit as much of the wonderful Ireland as possible. To help you and give you an idea of ​​what is available to you, here are some of the best tours that will take you to all the corners of Emerald Isle.

1. From Dublin: Cliffs of Moher, Burren and Galway (full day tour)

This excursion is a very popular tour and takes you on a fantastic journey around the sights around Dublin. You come away tired, but happy with everything you have seen and done.

From Dublin, head to the beautiful city of Galway, where you can explore the old cobbled streets before heading to the Burren with its wealth of incredible landscapes that seem so mouth-like.

The tour then continues to the stunning Cliffs of Moher, which offer stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Then it’s time to stop at Kilmacduagh Monastery on the way back, to look at the amazing ruins. On a magical day out, this trip is definitely worth checking out.

2. Dublin: DoDublin Card 72-hour Hop-on Hop-off Tour

If you want to see all the major historical sights and landmarks of Dublin, you can not go wrong with this glorious bus ride that takes you to Trinity College, Temple Bar and the Museum of Modern Art, among others.

Dublin City, Ireland By Conor Luddy [Source : unsplash]
Dublin City, Ireland By Conor Luddy [Source : unsplash]
The audio commentary on the buses is fantastic and will entertain and educate you just as much. The ticket also includes a free tour of the city, as well as discounts to many attractions.

With ninety-two hours to use the map, you will definitely be able to see much of Dublin in your spare time – and at a good price to get started.

3. Wicklow Mountain, Glendalough & Kilkenny full day tour

Wicklow Mountains National Park

A simple and wonderful day trip will introduce you to the history and culture of Ireland as well as to a number of the most scenic parts.

Among the many highlights are the magnificent Kilkenny Castle from the 12th century, Glendalough Abbey from the 800s and the absolutely stunning Wicklow Mountains.

Your guide gives you a lot of insight into everything you see. The bus tour takes you through some beautiful parts of Ireland, with rolling hills, lush valleys and peaceful waterways. Do not miss.

4. From Galway: Aran Islands & Cliffs of Moher Tour with cruise

Cliffs Of Inishmore, Aran Islands, Ireland

With this trip you set off with the beautiful nature of the Burren before taking a ferry to the picturesque Aran island of Inisheer with all its incredible sights.

Cliff Of Moher, Ireland By Henrique Craveiro [Source : unsplash]
Cliff Of Moher, Ireland By Henrique Craveiro [Source : unsplash]
Then it’s time to take the ferry back; the views of the Cliffs of Moher are amazing to see as the waves crash against them. Once you arrive, you can take a scenic walk along the edge of the cliff and look out over the ocean.

With so many amazing landscapes you can explore and enjoy, this trip will certainly not disappoint.

5. From Dublin: Play Thrones and Giant’s Causeway Tour

Giant’s Causeway

For lovers of the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’, this trip is an absolute must in Ireland; it takes you to many of the landscapes and settings shown in the show.

Giant's Causeway By Patrick Metzdorf [Source : unsplash]
Giant’s Causeway By Patrick Metzdorf [Source : unsplash]
After leaving Dublin, this tour takes you to the eerie but beautiful Dark Hedges – an avenue with many intertwined beech trees. The professional guide will tell you all about Game of Thrones and Ireland itself.

Then it’s off the spectacular Giant’s Causeway, which is a very popular tourist attraction. Beautiful to see, the view of the Atlantic Ocean is stunning and will definitely live long in the memory.

6. Ring of Kerry full day tour from Kilarney

Ring Of Kerry

One of the most pristine and unspoilt parts of the country, the stunning scenery of Kerry must be seen to be believed. This full day trip takes you to many of the most beautiful places.

Among the many highlights is a visit to the stunning Kilarney National Park, full of stunning views, wildlife and wilderness to enjoy.

Exploring the picturesque villages of the region is equally memorable. In addition to all this you will see forts, waterfalls, lakes and forests on this extensive tour.

7. Cliffs of Moher Tour and Galway City from Dublin

Cliffs of Moher

From the trip from the capital of the country, this tour takes you through the stunning scenery of the Burren before arriving at the spectacular Cliffs of Moher.

After inhaling the fresh sea air and looking out over the water far below the cliffs, it’s time to head to the bustling city of Galway.
Known for its colorful pubs and live music scene, it is a fun place to visit and a wealth of historical sites to explore. Walking around the old cobbled streets is a great way to end a perfect day.

8. Malahide Castle & North Coast Half-Day Morning Tour

Malahide Castle

After looking out from Dublin, the tour takes you to the magnificent 12th century Malahide Castle, which is magical to explore. The extensive gardens are beautifully landscaped and wonderful to stroll around.

The expert guide opens your eyes to the history of the castle and the surrounding area, and you will surely get away after learning a lot about Ireland and Malahide Castle.

The trip culminates with a visit to some picturesque fishing villages along the coast, and the views of Dublin Bay are absolutely stunning.

9. Day trip in the Wicklow Mountains National Park from Dublin

Wicklow Mountains National Park

The stunning Wicklow Mountains are magical to visit, and this tour allows you to hike, cycle or cycle through landscapes and landscapes.

Valleys, splendor and mountains look amazing and hiking in the middle of nature is a wonderful way to spend the day.
With a stop at Glendalough’s old abbey and ‘the valley of the two lakes’, this trip is not included in the joy either.

10. From Doolin: Inis Oirr Island and the Cliffs of Moher Ferry

Inis Oirr Island

From Doolin, this trip takes you to beautiful Inis Oirr – one of the Aran Islands. A charming place where you can either walk, cycle or take a minibus around many of the island’s sights.

Cliff Of Moher, Ireland By Federico Beccari [Source : unsplash]
Cliff Of Moher, Ireland By Federico Beccari [Source : unsplash]
With medieval ruins on offer in addition to seal colonies, a shipwreck and more, there is much to see and do, and the nature on the show is beautiful.

When you finish your trip on the island, it’s time to take the ferry back and past the impressive Cliffs of Moher.

11. Halendal day trip from Glendalough and Wicklow from Dublin


Driving through the pristine Irish countryside takes you past sweeping valleys, picturesque splendor and towering mountains on your way to County Wicklow.
Called the “Garden of Ireland” by many, it is a beautiful place; Your guide will tell you everything you need to know about the region.
After passing the Wicklow Mountains, the tour leads to the Valley of Two Lakes, where one can walk around the magnificent ruins of St Kevin’s Convent.

12. Boyne Valley: full day trip to celts and castles

Newgrange Megalithic Tomb, Boyne Valley

This excellent tour takes you to a number of historical sites that are ideal for history lovers who want to learn more about the country’s rich cultural heritage. You are guaranteed to get away after learning a lot about the region.
Boyne Valley is beautiful; This is where Ireland’s history begins, and some of the monuments displayed on the show date back to over 5,000 years ago.
Your guide for the day will tell you everything you need to know about myths, legends and hard facts about the places you visit. The many highlights are Slane Castle, Tara Hill and Monasterboice Monastery.

13. Dublin: Moher, Galway Bay and Burren Coastal Drive

Galway Bay

If you’ve had enough of exploring the nation’s capital, this tour will take you to some of the sights bordering Dublin. The landscape alone makes this excursion worth checking out.

The high cliffs of Moher are the highest in Europe and are very impressive, while your visit to Galway will introduce you to the delights of this medieval district.

Driving through the Burren is a memorable experience with moon-like landscapes that pass by. The professional guides will definitely make your trip a day to remember.


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