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12 Famous Tourist Attractions in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan which is very well known as well as being the most populous region in Japan. In addition, Tokyo is the largest metropolitan city in the world based on its population. Every day more than 12 million people live in Tokyo and hundreds of thousands more commute from the surrounding area.


Tokyo is the centre of business, politics, economics, culture, and academia in Japan. This makes the beauty of the metropolis and modern life a tourist attraction. There are many famous tourist attractions in Tokyo that you must visit while on vacation in Japan. The following is a list of attractions in Japan that are very amazing.


1. Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower or Tokyo Tower is a tower in Shiba Park with a height of 332.6 m and is the tallest steel building in the world. Tokyo Tower is known as a symbol of the city of Tokyo and tourist attractions for its use as an analog TV transmitter, digital local TV and FM radio.


Ginza - Tokyo
Ginza – Tokyo (Source : https://www.tokyoweekender.com/)

2. Ginza

Ginza is a district in Chuo, Tokyo and is one of the famous tourist attractions in Tokyo. This place is an upscale shopping center, entertainment and dining venues, and there are a variety of shops, boutiques, art galleries, restaurants and cafes. Here, tourists can find various famous fashions and cosmetics. Then, the majority of stores in Ginza open every day of the week.


3. Harajuku

Harajuku tourist spot is a popular designation for the area around JR Harajuku Station, Shibuya District, Tokyo. This Harajuku destination is famous for where young people gather together. These attractions are central to the culture and fashion style of young people. However, Harajuku also offers shopping for adults. You can find a variety of famous shops in this place ranging from shops, cafes, and restaurants. In addition, there are sales shops for hundreds of unique toys for children of all ages.


4. Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills is one of the best tourist destinations in Tokyo, Japan. Roppongi Hills is one of the best examples of cities in the city. This area was opened in 2003 in the center of the Roppongi district. The building area consists of various offices, apartments, shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, observations and many more.

Mori Tower Observation Deck
Mori Tower Observation Deck (Source : https://travel.gaijinpot.com/)

In addition, in the center of Roppongi Hills stands Mori Tower with a height of 238 m. The observation deck in this place is very amazing because visitors will see the view of Tokyo from above. Then, on the top floor of the tower there is also the Mori Art Museum, which is a modern art museum that focuses on artistic ideas from around the world.


5. Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing is the main attraction as a famous tourist spot in Tokyo. This area is the center of entertainment and the center of shops with famous brands. Shibuya intersection is more beautiful when the night is decorated with lights and billboards. You could say Shibuya Crossing is the busiest crossing place in the world. This area is usually enlivened by young people, office workers, and tourists. Although crowded and crowded, the crossings are carried out in an orderly and orderly manner.


6. Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Market or famous for the Tsukiji fish market is a wholesale market located in Tsukiji, Chuo city district, Tokyo. This market is a wholesale center for seafood and agriculture. The visitors can get various kinds of sea food in the morning. This place is suitable for those of you who are looking for fresh fish or sushi, crabs, tuna, squid and much more. Not only selling fish, this place also sells fruits and vegetables.


7. Meiji Jingu Shrine

Meiji jingu Shrine is a temple made for Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shoken. This tourist spot is located next to the Harajuku station and adjacent to Yoyogi Park. This temple has a large garden and is suitable for casual walking. This temple was completed and designed for Emperor Meji and his wife in 1920. This temple was destroyed in World War II, but was rebuilt. Meiji Jingu is one of the most popular temples in Japan. Entering the temple is marked by a large gate torri, after that visitors will find a quiet forest.


8. Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge is a suspension bridge that crosses the north of Tokyo Bay between north of Shibaura Pier and Odaiba’s waterfront in Minato, Tokyo. This bridge has a length of about 798 meters. The structure of this bridge looks very modern and at night has the colors of the lights like a rainbow. At night the illumination lights with silver, white, green, and pink colors will add to the beauty of this famous tourist spot in Tokyo. In addition, when you walk through the Rainbow Bridge, you will see views of skyscrapers in the city of Tokyo.

Rainbow Bridge Tokyo
Rainbow Bridge Tokyo (Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/)


9. Tokyo Imperial Palace

Tokyo Imperial Palace is the residence of the Emperor of Japan. This famous place is a large park in the closed area of ​​Chiyoda to Tokyo Station. This building consists of imperial family residences, museums, administrative offices, and others. Initially this place was closed to the public, but in 1949 the Tokyo Imperial Palace complex area was opened to the public and can get around for free.


10. Hachiko Statue

The Hachiko statue is a sculpture of the most famous dog in Tokyo named Hachiko. The history of this statue begins with a dog that comes to Shibuya Station every day to meet his master, a professor. After the professor died in 1925, Hachiko continued to come to the station every day until his death almost 10 years later. So the story became a legend and a memory sculpture was erected in front of Shibuya Station.


11. Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort is an amusement park located in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan, close to Tokyo. This famous tourist spot in Tokyo was opened on April 15, 1983. This attraction is operated by the Oriental Land Company with a license from The Walt Disney Company. Tokyo Disney Resort has 3 forms of entertainment namely Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, and Ikspiari. Ikspiari is a place for shopping, dining and entertainment in the Tokyo Disney Resort complex.


12. Ueno Park

Ueno Park is a public park in the Ueno area, Taito-ku district, Tokyo. The park has an area of ​​around 530,000 square meters and is managed by the Tokyo Public Works Office. Around this famous park there is also the Shinobazu Pond. During the summer, some pond surfaces are filled with beautiful pink flower plants and green leaves. In addition, this park is suitable for viewing cherry blossoms when in bloom. Interested in visiting this park?

Ueno Park Tokyo
Ueno Park Tokyo (Source : https://www.traveldailymedia.com/)

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