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7 Famous Tourist Attractions in Germany

Germany is a country that is not only top when talking about the national football team because they won the 2014 World Cup. This country also has a myriad of tourist attractions that will surely make the tourists fascinated. If you plan to spend vacation time in Germany, then consider the following recommendations for tourist attractions in Germany.

Berlin Wall

This location is very suitable as a tourist destination because this wall is so historic and there is this wall that divides the city into two from 1961 to 1989. Please note that the concrete structure of the wall structure has been partially torn down, but fragments are still a feature of the city. There is a Berlin Wall lane that provides 14 sections of routes intended for cyclists and pedestrians.

Berlin Wall Memorial
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There is a history of the Berlin Wall that can be seen through the existence of information panels installed at 30 points making it easier for tourists to add insight. Bernauer Strasse is also the right place to bring your favorite people because this is a replica part of the Berlin Wall where you are also allowed to visit the memorial site, the Reconciliation Chapel and the documentation center. The Documentation Center is always open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. The Memorial site is open daily from 8am to 10pm.


Munich, Germany has the biggest festival in the world called Oktoberfest and every year is not half-hearted, there are more than 6 million visitors who are interested and come to this festival. Although the name is Oktoberfest, the right festival starts at the end of September and will last until the first week of October.

For those who don’t know, this festival is considered an important part of Bavarian culture that dates back to 1810. If you are lucky to get to Munich in late September, you will be able to enjoy the traditional beer of this country, such as Knodel, Wurstl, Schweinebraten and Hendl and many more German beers that can be enjoyed without paying a fortune.

Brandenburg Gate

Apart from the Berlin Wall, the Berlin Gate must not be missed to be visited because this is the main symbol of the union of East Berlin and West Berlin. The construction of the gate itself is from the 18th century and serves as a pathway to enter the city of Brandengburg van der Havel. In the city of Berlin, to be able to find this gate, you have to head to the western end.

Brandenburg Gate
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After the Berlin Wall was established in 1961, this gate could not be traversed for 28 years. This German attraction should not be missed because it is a symbol of Germany’s reunification itself.


When to Germany, do not miss a visit to the historic city of Lindau whose location is not far from the meeting point of the border between Switzerland, Austria and Germany which is east of Lake Constance. The city, which has a population of around 3 thousand, is connected by railroad and a bridge to the mainland. Coming here won’t make you regret it, especially if you are an architectural tourism admirer. The city is full of classic medieval buildings, such as theaters and churches that can be visited to your heart’s content, not to mention boat trips on Lake Constance that can be enjoyed with a partner or family.

Heidelberg Old City

There is an old city in Germany, precisely located in Baden-Wurttemberg which is known to have an old university and an old castle. The city itself is so big and great, Heidelberg was not destroyed during World War II. For tourists who are curious as to what this old city looks like, please visit and you will find the longest pedestrian-only area in Europe. This area is surrounded by many tia buildings on the left and right sides, but even though it looks old buildings everything is still functioning and maintained.

In addition to the longest pedestrian area, you can visit a popular castle called Heidelberger Schloss with its debris. This castle building was once a fortress that was strategically placed and functioned as a fortress, then finally turned into the residence or palace of the king in Pfalz. There was damage in this castle between 1689 and 1693 due to a war by the heirs of the Pfalz kingdom who fought for the throne.

Since the damage occurred, the restoration was carried out, but only a part of the restoration has been received. Damage occurred again precisely in 1764 in one part that was triggered by a fire from lightning. If you look carefully, then you will find a fact that the face of the city of Heidelberg is actually dominated by the ruins of the castle building which has a height of about 80 meters on a mountain cliff.

Adult visitors are charged EUR 7 and this includes the Great Tun, The Funicular Railway, and the German Apothecary Museum. Adult visitors are charged EUR 5 as an additional fee if you want to take a guided tour, and if converted, you have to spend an extra. Visitors who come with family are subject to EUR 12.50. Heidelberg Palace is open from 8 am to 6 pm every day, but for detailed information please look directly on the official site because the operating time varies quite at certain times.


Maybe you already know about the city of Lubeck in Germany and Holstentor is one of the two city gates that are the rest of Lubeck. The city gate is obviously very old because it is known that its construction was carried out in 1464 and has now been converted into a museum. A tourist attraction in Germany worth visiting is the Holstentor museum and it is guaranteed that visitors will be satisfied after seeing its unique architecture.

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When you look closely, you will know which part is considered so unique, namely two round and curved towers. That part is the symbol of the city of Lubeck. In German, the meaning of Holstentor itself is the gate of Holsten and when you get here, you can capture the huge gate that was erected from this red brick. Holstentor is indeed referred to as a gate, but actually this gothic-style building can also be considered a fortress.


Germany has another old castle named Neuschwanstein which in English is called New Swanstone Castle. Standing on an area of 800 meters and in the highlands, the construction of this castle has been from the beginning of the 19th century. If you are curious where you should find this location, this castle stands at the foot of the Alps that borders Austria. The architecture of this castle building is full of Neo-Romanesque style standing tall and majestic between the vast grasslands and green trees around it.

King Ludwig II was the owner of this castle and according to him, this castle was truly perfect and he told Richard Wagner in a letter. Richard Wagner himself was a famous German composer of his time (1813-1883). In essence, in the letter, King Ludwig II said that the location of the castle is so beautiful, sacred and closed a temple for divine friends who have brought blessings and salvation to the world. Visitors are charged an entrance fee of around EUR 12. Visitors who are under 18 years are free of charge. Neuschwanstein is open every day and will receive visitors at 8am to 5pm.

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